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Within each bulb, there are cloves. From each clove, grows a bulb.

Cloves for a Cause is cultivating a legacy of giving. 



Each year, tens of thousands of garlic cloves are planted at our farm to raise funds for several community charities. Our sponsors make this possible by pledging the cloves to be planted in the different charity garden beds. 


Autumn 2015 was the first year for Cloves for a Cause and we planted 40,000 garlic cloves in four charity gardens. The four charities that were designated as Cloves for a Cause beneficiaries by our founders are: Hope Garden growing for Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, Farmy Garden, growing for Wounded Warriors Canada, Stephen's Garden, growing for Young Adult Cancer Canada and Gutsy Garden, growing for Crohn's and Colitis Canada


In July 2016, we harvested the 40,000 bulbs. Following the harvest, the bulbs were cleaned and cured and then packaged into our Cloves for a Cause burlap satchels. Each satchel has 5 - 10 unique gourmet garlic bulbs and there are over 10 varieties of garlic available.  The satchels sell for $25.00 and $10.00 from each sale is donated to one of the Cloves for a Cause designated charities. (the purchaser gets to select which charity will receive the proceeds from their purchase.) In addition, 5 cloves are replanted in the selected charities garden for next year's fundraiser. 


You can purchase your garlic satchel online through our retail partner and have it shipped anywhere in Canada. In addition, we participate in several events across Ontario and farm visits are welcome by appointment.


Order your Cloves for a Cause Garlic Satchel on FoodiePages now. Simply follow this link and click on the charity name & variety of garlic you would like to purchase.








Sold Out for the 2019 Season

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