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What is Green Garlic?


A spring culinary treat that can be used in any recipe that calls for mature garlic. The end product will produce a delicate flavour, more mild than matured garlic. The entire green garlic plant is edible, from bulb, to stalk, to leaf. When cooked, the green garlic sweetens, lending a new layer of depth to a dish. Green garlic can be used raw or cooked in a broad assortment of cuisines.




Raw Green Garlic


* Mince and add to salads

* Pound into a paste to make green-garlic aioli

* Use in salad dressings

Cooked Green Garlic


* Poach the last 4" of the tips and dress with a mustard vinaigrette

* Blanch in water or chicken stock and puree it. 

* Add the puree to a custard or soufflé.

* Dice and sauté the tender portions and add to an omelet or frittata

* Chop and add to stir-frys

* Chop and add to homemade potato soup

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