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After working for 35 years in the Mental Health field, I have seen, first hand how government cutbacks have impacted individuals and their families.  It has been devastating for many! Cut backs for programmes to help with physical challenges have had equal results!


Too often, the folks that are hurt the most, are the very people who look out for the rest of us….. the people who protect us and our country, the people who keep us safe, the people who look after us when we are injured, the people who put themselves in harms way to help us.  These people are often injured, both mentally and physically.  Who looks after them when they need help?


Hopefully, WE can!!  


With your support and generosity, my husband Mike and I can raise money to fund programmes that are desperately needed to support the mental and physical health of our First Responders, Soldiers and their families………


the Wounded Warriors of Canada.


Just imagine sitting down to that first meal you make using “ Cloves for a Cause “ garlic.  Not only will you savour the taste of this wonderful local, organically grown garlic but you can feel proud, with every bite, that you are helping the ones who help you…..they deserve it!


Mike and I would like to thank each and every one of you so much for your support in helping us help them!!!






Founding Sponsors of the FARMY Garden benefitting Wounded Warriors Canada.


When you purchase the  Cloves for a Cause - FARMY satchel of five gourmet garlic bulbs 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Wounded Warriors Canada and the remaining 50% will be reinvested back into the FARMY Garden. This includes the replanting of 5 garlic cloves in the FARMY Garden so the fundraising continues year after year. 


Each FARMY Garden Garlic gift package includes five gourmet garlic bulbs in a burlap garlic satchel. These satchels are made for our Cloves for a Cause initiative and can be hung in your kitchen and reused to store your garlic and keep it in a perfect environment. There are several varieties of garlic available for purchase. We have included tasting notes to help you decide which varieties you might enjoy. 












Mike & Sue Butterfield




LEGACY lives up to its name! With a fiery flavour that is balanced by a smooth after taste. A great addition to salsa’s, Legacy will deliver a great garlic flavour with some serious zing. When cooked, Legacy sweetens up and caramelizes beautifully.







ITALIAN PORCELAIN is large, beautiful and well-formed garlic. When eaten raw, it delivers a mild-medium heat. When cooked/roasted, the heat is diminished and offers a lasting full garlic flavour with a hint of nutty sweetness.  A sublime all around garlic treat!






YUGOSLAVIAN is not for the faint of heart! For those of you that like it hot, this is the variety for you. This bad boy is one of the hottest porcelain varieties in the world.  Fragrant, with a strong, hot spicy taste that fades to sweet in the mouth.




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