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Pressing - Garlic put through a garlic press or pureed release the most garlic oils and therefore provides the strongest garlic flavour. 


Crushing - Releases the pungent flavor and natural juices of garlic. Good for use in sauces when you want a strong garlic flavour.


Minced - Finely minced garlic will release more oils than chopped or sliced garlic, but less than pressed or crushed. Great for flavouring oil to be used for sautéing.


Chopped - The chopping process does not extract a large amount of juice or oil.  The amount of flavour obtained will depend on how small the garlic is chopped and allowed to dissolve in the cooking process.  This method is good for use in salsas and stir-frys.







Slicing - Slices or larger pieces of garlic won't completely dissolve when cooked resulting in a lighter garlic flavour.


Browning - Garlic browned in oil imparts a very strong nutty flavour.  While some recipes suggest browning others will warn against it. Try browning some minced garlic in a small amount of olive oil and see if you like the flavour.

What's your Flavour?


Did you know you can vary the amount of garlic flavour released by how you prepare the garlic? The more juices and oils extracted, the more garlic flavour will be incorporated into the food.


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