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Chesnok Red ~ Versatile Flavor and Size!

Chesnok Red ~ Versatile Flavor and Size!

Purple Stripe ~ Originates from the Republic of Georgia, near Shvelisi. Nicely coloured, large bulbs. Cloves are more numerous and elongated than most hardneck types. Chesnok Red is the best baking garlic, very aromatic with an abiding flavour. 
  • Details

    Chesnok Red - Versatile flavour and size! This hardneck produces large bulbs with purple striped wrappers. It is superb for cooking, offering a flavourful and lingering taste for the garlic connoisseur. Because it holds its shape and flavour well, even after it's been cooked, Chesnok is considered the top all-around baking garlic.

    Averages 10 easy to peel cloves
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